My Story

My Story

My Story

My Story

My Story

Hi there, I’m Tim.

Thanks for visiting my site, here’s my story:

I have always been very active in both my work and with the sports fitness side of things. Since retiring from the business I had built over 20 years, I find myself with so much more time to do the things that I enjoy outside of the 9 – 5.

Golf has always been my main sport/hobby and I really enjoy it, alongside jogging and cycling where I can. I play golf both in the UK and abroad but at the end of last year I started getting pains in my lower back and legs after I played. If I did a full 18 holes, I found I was unable to walk properly afterwards, and it often took me several days of recovery to feel right again.

I wanted to keep playing so I decided I would take a pain killer at the start of the course which would cover me for the first 9 holes and then top up with another one for the final 9 holes.

While this seemed to manage the pain while I was on the course, I still experienced a lot of pain, stiffness and muscle spasms when I finished. I really thought of giving golf up for good and took stronger and stronger pain killers just to keep playing, but the problems still lingered the next day and the days after. Nothing worked.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated as I am lucky enough to be able to play as often as I want but was limited due to the long recovery periods. I was deflated with the whole situation and was having regular physio to help alleviate the pain and I even considered a back operation or perhaps steroid injections to allow me to continue the sport I love. There had to be another way!

I began investigating ways to cope with the pain and trying alternative methods to manage my problems. During this research I came across an article about CBD oil and how it had helped people in similar circumstances, so I decided to try some from a well-known health store. I started with a low dosage and didn’t really feel any different, so I looked for somewhere to buy a stronger type and finally came across a factory that produced different types of CBD oils. I had some samples sent to me and after trying a few I found one that really did help!

I held a few drops under my tongue early in the morning and again in the evening for a few weeks and found the pain had reduced tremendously. Not only could I play golf without the sharp, stabbing pains and muscle spasms, but I could also play two days running as well. I was so impressed that I felt I had to share what I had found and decided to produce my own brand of CBD Oil, specifically for sports enthusiasts. I have visited the factory and looked through the process to ensure I’m able to supply people with the same product that I am taking myself.

I have called the formula that first helped me ‘Sports Repair’, and, having researched further into how CBD could work in other ways for Sports Performance, I have introduced a further 3 products in the range which I have named Calm, Energise, and Focus. Each one of these formulations has their own individual ingredients that have been shown to help with different aspects of health and well-being.

Can it help you?

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