CBD can aid sports performance

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Hi, I’m Tim Wardman

I used to really struggle with back and leg pain when I played sport.
That’s why, when I discovered CBD and how much it could help, I decided I had to share it with the sporting world.

Are you tense before a game?
Do you feel anxiety before a tournament?
Have you suffered with lack of sleep?
Do nerves sometimes get the better of you?
Ever needed the extra energy?

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Relieve Stress

CBD can aid in the relief of stress and anxiety before competition or a big event.

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Concussion Protection

CBD has the ability to disrupt the flow of chemicals during a concussion that leads to brain cell death and has neuroprotective effects

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Pain and Inflammation

CBD can inhibit pain and inflammation during and after exercise through various means including affecting the receptors.

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Decreasing Nausea

CBD can aid in with the feeling of sickness during intense physical training.

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Can it help you?

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